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No Agenda scholar

Congratulations graduates of 2023!


This special concluded on the 333rd day of the year (November 29th).


All who participated in earning their Doctor of Philosophy in Media Deconstruction, please place an order for your diploma below. We suggest using your real name for the "Certificate Name".


Orders will be shipped out in batches weekly.


List of No Agenda PhD Graduates

Aaron Bojorquez

Ahern Laurinat

Alex Ulrich

Amy McDaniel

Amy Thurmond

Andrew Hermann

Andrew  Williams

Andy Cracchiolo

Andy Walmer

Annicka Weber







Anthony Sakovsky

Anthony Trusgnich

Bessie Tolbert

Bradley Selsor 

Brandon Jansen

Brandon Jorgensen

Brian Telecky

Brittany Decker

Bruce Schwalm

Chad Lawrence

Chris Fosgate

Cody Bass 

Dame CiCi

Dame Elizabeth

Dame Missy

Dame Nancy

Danyel Lawson

Dark Lady Dazhur


Derek Boggs

Derek Heidbrink

Derek J Visker

Donald Barthlow

Douglas McPhate

Dreb Scott

Duchess Kim, Keeper of the Nutty Fluffers

Dude Named Ralph

Duke of Central Florida

Edward Tarrant

Eric Halbritter

Eric Pepper

Ernest Flores

Evgueni Damaskine

Frank Ajzensztat

Gonzo Shimura

Halley Porter

Henry Cocozzoli



Jake Scott

James Bartels

Jason Adams

JD The Former Spook

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Lightner

Jeffrey Corbett

Jennifer Dericks

Jim Turner


Joe Clemens 

Joel Hansen

John the grumpy old miner

Jonathan Lang

Jonathan Poehler

Justin Frank Polgar

Keith Gibson

Kent Ellgren

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin Popovich

Kevin Stephenson

Kirk Pettis

Kyle Selig

Lee C Noir

Lee North


M. Scott Clarke  

Marc Rachal

Margaret  Kenny

Mark Borst

Mary Neu

Matt Decker

Matt Lybik

Matthew Gebhardt


Maurice  Miller

Michael D. Walker

Michael Halbe

Michael Wolvin

Mike Dacre

Mike Dee

Mike Statom

Nicholas Evertz

Nicholas Schroeder

Patricia Cross

Patrick McGurgan


q q

Quint Y. Newell

Remko de Vrijer

Resolvent Technologies, Inc

Robert Dawson

Robert Knutson

Robert Shepherd

Robyn Robson

Rodney Lillibridge

Scott Peterson

Sharelle Patterson

Sheung Pang

Sir 1%  Baron of Liberland

Sir Ass Crack

Sir Basil Knight of the Wormicorn

Sir Casavant

Sir Chancey

Sir Cox

Sir DanTheMan

Sir Dave the Reformed Bt.

Sir Don

Sir Donald

Sir Dude Named Dr. Kelley

Sir EA of the Tax Domain

Sir Gooch of RVA

Sir Greasemonkey

Sir Guust Kadaver

Sir Henry

 Sir Jim Watts, Baron of Whistler

Sir Lance

Sir Layron

Sir Midknight of the Rivers

Sir Mike

Sir Moskowitz

Sir Nussbaum

Sir Onymous

Sir Otaku

Sir Pants

Sir Prime Doctor of Illuminated Thinking

Sir Roly of Crystal Palace

Sir Ronald Lafferty

Sir Scott Lonergan

Sir Skywright

Sir Viber of Still Waters

Sir Who Dat

Sir Yogi

Sir Your Honest Mechanic 

Sircuss Media


Skodt McNalty

Steve Drury

Steven Schnelker

The Mayor of Cypress

Thomas Sniezyk

Timothy McKay

Todd Maceira


Trey Erenberger

Vasanth Dharmaraj

Viscount of Hamilton

Viscount Stephen Deane

Zachary Michael

If you would like to request your name be taken down from the list, or to change your name on the list please email

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